Mace Electrical Technologies cc was established in March 1990 with a view to supplying specialised overhead line and substation products and services to the global electrical utility industry. Mace have always maintained an ethos of high quality, customer support and business integrity supported by a system that practises excellent record-keeping and traceability.



The design of overhead transmission and distribution lines

The close-visual helicopter and ground-based inspection of overhead lines

The supply of silicone rubber long rod and post insulators from 11kV to 765kV

The design of high voltage ceramic and synthetic insulators

The supply of condition monitoring and test equipment for lines and substations

The infrared thermal inspection of lines, substations and railway systems

The tan delta testing and other diagnostic measurements on substation apparatus

·       The silicone rubber coating and upgrading of substation insulation

The design, manufacture and supply of line components to solve specific transmission, distribution and reticulation problems.



Mace Technologies constantly strive to keep abreast of the latest developments in high voltage engineering through individual and corporate membership of organisations such as the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers, Cigre and the IEEE. Close contact is also maintained with the local universities. Mace serves on several advisory groups and specification committees such as the National IEC Technical Committee No.36 [Insulators].

Roy Macey, the Managing Member of Mace, served an 8 year term of office as South Africa’s representative on Cigre Study Committee B2 "Overhead Lines", is a member of Cigre Working Group B2-03/21, "Insulators", and sits on the Executive Board of the South African National Committee of Cigre. He was awarded the title of “Distinguished Member” by the Administrative Council of Cigre in Paris.





The core technical team of the company comprises four persons of complementary skills to cover the major aspects of the electrical distribution sphere of activity. They are:

Roy Macey Pr.Eng, MSc(Eng). Previously Chief Executive, Cullinan Consulting Services. Six years of service with Eskom's Research Division and twelve years with Cullinan prior to establishing Mace Technologies.

Allan Muir Pr.Eng, BSc Eng (Elec-Mech). A Project Engineer with Eskom Distribution for 5 years and a Senior Engineer with Eskom Enterprises for two years until he joined Mace in March 2004. Allan’s areas of speciality include Power Line design and IT.

Nando Salvoldi. A Diploma Technician, before joining Mace in 1990, was a member of Eskom's Protection, Test and Measurement Department and has a thorough knowledge of substations and their associated power and protection equipment.

Dick Viles. Also a technician and founding member of Mace Technologies, has 30 years experience in the electrical industry and concentrates on the development, testing and manufacture of specialised products and the project management of the field services.



All the above are Members of the cc and have a shareholding in the Company. 



North American principals represented by Mace Technologies are MacLean Power Systems/Reliable Power Products of Chicago (high voltage silicone rubber composite insulators) and SensorLink Corporation of Acme (overhead line measurement instruments).



Mace Technologies operate a small manufacturing plant, which produces silicone rubber insulator coating and specialised items such as directional dust deposit gauges and explosive fuses for insulation research and analysis purposes.

The office and factory premises in Midrand, near Johannesburg, South Africa, from which Mace Technologies operate, is fully owned by the Company.

The annual turnover for the last financial year was US$3,5M.